1. "Actors, institutions, policies", Executive Education Seminar, in English
  2. "The Politics of Inequality. How economic inequality affects the democratic process", MA-Seminar, in English
  3. "The Populist Temptation", MA-Seminar, in English
  4. "Die populistische Versuchung – sozioökonomischer Wandel und politische Reaktion in Deutschland und Europa", two-week summer course, with Lukas Haffert, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, Greifswald 2018
  5. "Party Politics", MA seminar, in English
  6. "The Policy Process: Social Policy and the Welfare State", MA seminar, in English
  7. "A Changing Welfare State: Challenges and reforms in Switzerland and Europe",* BA seminar, in English
  8. "Introduction to Comparative Politics",** BA seminar, co-teaching with Alexander Trechsel
  9. "Inequality and Political Representation",* MA seminar, in English
  10. "Labor market Inequality. Insiders, Outsiders and the Politics of Labor Market Inequality",* MA seminar, co-teaching with Silja Häusermann, in English
  11. "The Political Consequences of the Economic Crisis",* two semester BA research seminar, co-teaching with Hanspeter Kriesi
  12. "Changes and Continuity in Contemporary Capitalism, part I",* BA research seminar, co-teaching with Hanspeter Kriesi and Silja Häusermann
  13. "Basic Literature in Comparative Political Science",* BA lecture seminar
  14. "Comparative Political Science. Cases from Western Europe",* BA lecture seminar